Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Do You Love What You Do?

The morning kicked off with personal leadership journeys shared by Mr. Stephen Howard & Mr. Khawar Mann. Both leaders who gave us valuable insights that went straight through my heart! Briefly the points were:

  1. Ask yourself: "What do you do that matters?" (Shared by Stephen from his conversation with Mother Theresa) Wow, this really got me thinking...what have I done with all my time..did any of it matter/left an impact for the betterment of us/society?
  2.  A key factor of success is LOVING what you do! It will help you have conviction for what you do. 
  3. It is okay to move jobs often but make sure you leave when you are doing well so ur moves will be seen as a series of wins & not a series of losing. Its important to be honest with yourself on the reasons of your move & take action on it..are you just bored or do you really want to change? Are you just making excuses & not enough effort?
In the afternoon we had Dr. Alan Knight share on Sustainability. It may be a common concept in more developed nations but not in developing ones. From my own personal experiences I know that awareness of this concept is still not enough. 

Its interesting how sustainability is so relevant to the Quranic teachings ["And when it is said to them, 'Do not cause corruption on the earth..."-Surah Al Baqarah Verse 11 or "...And do good as Allah has done good to you. And desire not corruption in the land. Indeed, Allah does not like corrupters." - Surah Al-Qasas Verse 77] especially on our role as caretakers of the earth & how we should be responsible in our use of it. 

Leaders must think in advance e.g. 27 years ahead. A good question to consider is 'how does my my country want to look like in 2050' before implementing policies for the country...I thought his session was such an eye opener..will have it in my action plan to raise awareness on recycling/sustainability at the very least within my household & department.

Till the next post!

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