Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Day 2 - Bringing Communities Together & Empowering Young People

The day started of with a panel discussion by 3 successful British Muslims (Aaqil Ahmed, Peter Sanders & Bushra Nair CBE) and their contributions or efforts to bring communities together. Listening to their experiences really reflects the whole spirit of MOSAIC which was to highlight the contributions of British Muslims in the UK. 

Some key points I gathered from the panel session were:
  1. You have to be creative & bold to explore ways of raising awareness of new/unknown issues in society. People may respond positively to these issues.
  2. Set yourself a time limit to achieve the goals you have set. Work towards it, achieve it and leave (and of course, move on to new goals)
  3. Bushra's amazing quote - "What do you want to be remembered for when you leave the room?" So always leave an impact (positive of course) in whatever you do.
In the afternoon, we had John May from the Duke of Edinburgh International Award Foundation sharing ideas on the top challenges affecting the youth in our community today as well as the opportunities that exist to address such challenges. One of it is through the Duke of Edinburgh Award and I must say, I think its an awesome award. I understand its only made available in private schools in Malaysia at the moment. I think it should expand to public schools/colleges so that it would give incentive to these children (whom would not be as exposed to more interactive/extraordinary activities as the more privileged students do) to challenge themselves and try new things. There is a need to develop our youth to be more involved in community and extra-curricular activities. (I know I hated it back in school!) [John May has blogged about his session with us & has attached the link to his slides...click here]

So thats the end of the second day. Our perspectives are expanding by the day Alhamdulillah :)

Till the next post!

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